The KenniesBurg
Konservatory of Music

CD Now
On-line record store and mammoth music database.

A lot of records that are not imported into North
America can be had from Compact Disc Europe
. Huge catalogue. Very extensive listings of the hard-to-find!

Create Bands
Want to have your own rock band but lack the
resources or, ahem, talent? Create Bands will let
you put together your own swingin' little combo and
actually listen to them play!

Gig Posters
 A huge collection of those funny posters bands stick
on telephone poles and in store windows to let you know
where they'll be playing

The William Shatner Singalong Page
Unfortunately, completely self-explanatory.
Anyone for a chorus of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

A Great Day in Harlem
Inspired by a photograph of 57 of the biggest
names in jazz -- taken by Art Kane in August 1958.

This Day in Rock 'n' Roll History

The Internet Underground Music Archive
Oddball Music -- Great Graphics -- Lots to see!

Having trouble getting info on your favourite combo?
Try The Ultimate Band List. It's BIG, kids.


The Mayor's Band Name List
The Mayor has always had a weakness for musical
groups with unusual names. Here are a few of his faves:

Squirrel Nut Zippers -- The Foetus Symphony Orchestra
Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys -- Chixdiggit
Lubricated Goat -- Salon Betty and the Big Hair Sex
Beat Your Kids -- Wingnut Supreme -- Big White Undies
Joe Houston and the Defrosters -- The Ex-Husbands
Corky and the Juice Pigs -- Tokyo Sex Whale
Habitual Sex Offenders -- The Crying Knobs
Face Down in Turpentine -- Mumbleskinny -- The Fuckemos
Carolyn Wonderland and the Imperial Monkeys
Cardinal Woolsey -- Panties -- Pudgy Chuck
Saffire: The Uppity Blues Women -- Idiot Flesh
Fat Bag -- Get Your Legs Broke -- Measure Your Treasure
Uncle Wiggly -- Sluts for Hire -- Suicide Kings
Euripedes Pants -- Sweaty Nipples
bunchoffuckinggoofs -- The Tiny White Baptists
Jean Caffeine -- The Goin' Along Feelin' Just Fines
The Sir Finks -- The Crapenters -- Poop Will Eat Itself
The John Cougar Concentration Camps
The Trouser Enthusiasts -- The Swollen Members
Hank Plank and the 2X4s -- Buttless Chaps
Japancakes -- Propagandhi -- The Gaza Strippers
Mannequin Depressives