Calgary International
Fireworks Competition -- 2003

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Dsc01001 (1024x768, 146kb) Dsc01006 (1024x768, 207kb) Dsc01007 (1024x768, 182kb) Dsc01008 (1024x768, 235kb) Dsc01009 (1024x768, 213kb) Dsc01010 (1024x768, 178kb) Dsc01013 (1024x768, 188kb) Dsc01015 (1024x768, 141kb) Dsc01018 (1024x768, 95kb) Dsc01029 (1024x768, 106kb) Dsc01031 (1024x768, 118kb) Dsc01032 (1024x768, 84kb) Dsc01036 (1024x768, 121kb) Dsc01037 (1024x768, 97kb) Dsc01038 (1024x768, 95kb) Dsc01040 (1024x768, 103kb) Dsc01043 (1024x768, 93kb) Dsc01046 (1024x768, 102kb) Dsc01047 (1024x768, 106kb) Dsc01048 (1024x768, 145kb) Dsc01049 (1024x768, 152kb) Dsc01050 (1024x768, 92kb) Dsc01057 (1024x768, 61kb) Dsc01064 (1024x768, 92kb) Dsc01065 (1024x768, 109kb) Dsc01066 (1024x768, 81kb) Dsc01067 (1024x768, 106kb) Dsc01068 (1024x768, 109kb) Dsc01069 (1024x768, 134kb) Dsc01070 (1024x768, 91kb) Dsc01071 (1024x768, 103kb) Dsc01072 (1024x768, 96kb) Dsc01073 (1024x768, 85kb) Dsc01074 (1024x768, 87kb) Dsc01075 (1024x768, 95kb) Dsc01076 (1024x768, 77kb) Dsc01077 (1024x768, 82kb) Dsc01078 (1024x768, 158kb) Dsc01082 (1024x768, 125kb)