If you're thinking to yourself, "hmm, isn't this about the date they usually have the SAIT's Alive Spring BBQ?", give yourself a virtual pat on the back for being a clever clogs. This would, in fact, have been the day but Bowness Park is waterlogged from a coupla weeks of almost continuous rain so the SASBBQ was cancelled. The KlatschMeister, being the timid little girlyman that he is, was ready to cancel the Klatsch, too, but Lawrence and Mary convinced him otherwise and they also suggested we try a new java joint they found. And here we are in Full o' Beans, near what used to be the Crowchild Inn. Full o' Beans is great and we will be adding it to our list o' venues. Also nice to see Dawn Thornborough and Jean Amatt, a couple of infrequent but always welcome Klatschers.

Full o' Beans really is. They have bean soup on their menu and you can get a bowl o' beans to munch on. They even provide instructions on how to eat the beans. You can either pull the pod through your teeth, squeezing the beans out as it goes or you can squeeze the pod from the side, popping the beans out with finger pressure. Here Mary demonstrates one of those techniques but I'm not sure which one (they both work pretty well).