We managed to get our comfy spot by the window at Full o' Beans on a fairly temperate day in what has been an unusually chilly winter. Here's an automotive tip: if your car's dashboard lights keep telling you that something is wrong but you're pretty sure nothing is wrong, disconnect the battery for half an hour, then hook it up again. This will have the effect of re-setting the electronics. Just remember to make sure you have the radio's anti-theft code so you can re-enter it after the power comes back. Also, if the Germans are sending submarines into one of your shipping channels and sinking your ships, install mines in the channel so the subs will sink but then broadcast news that the subs were actually sunk by your ships while they were still out at sea. The Germans will probably not catch on to this and you can keep sinking their subs pretty much for free. Stay tuned for more useful tips!