April Fool's Day plus one week and that can mean only one thing: it's the KlatschMeister's B'Day. And what better way to celebrate than with a java at Cadence Coffee? What better way? Why being presented with a lovely big chocolate bunny, of course. That's quite a bit better. Thnax Lawrence and Mary! That's the bunny on the front edge of the table. Here's closer look...

Cadence Coffee, being a bicycle-oriented kind o' place, Gerry Donaldson sent along a coupla pics of his new electric bicycle. He and Sheil each got one to tool around Phoenix. In this pic you can see the little motor just behind the rear wheel's axle.

In this view you can see the battery; it's that blue rectangular thing beside the rear wheel.

By the way, while we can still be somewhat legitimate on the subject of bunnies, here are a few the KlatschMeister spotted at Sunnyside Greenhouse on his way home after the Klatsch.