Here we all are at Edelweiss Village, thnax to Lawrence (and no thnax to Telus, which cut off the KlatschMeister's Internet four days ahead of a service call for no good reason, but don't get me started on that!). Anywaze, Lawrence was saying that he visited the Edelweiss Village Web site and noted that their photo of the woody little extension in which we were, at that moment, ensconced looked quite a bit bigger than it really is because of the camera angle. Never one to back away from a challenge (unless, of course, some sort of bodily harm might ensue) The KlatschMeister considered that some sort of gauntlet had been thrown down or something and decided to take a shot which made the woody extension seem even bigger than Edelweiss Village's shot. Those wishing to make a comparison, or check out the Edelweiss Web site for any other reason, can click here.