Here we are at Pelican Pier, a visual feast if ever there was one. For instance, the ship models above us on the wall.

This one, with its wooden sails, is particularly nice.

For those who like to spend a few minutes with a classic of literature before they tuck in to their fish 'n' chips, the Pelican Pier has thoughtfully provided a mini library of sea-faring yarns.

Moby Dick is a bit long for a casual read but, in case you've been wondering, it does, in fact, begin with: Call me Ishmael.

And here's lunch.

Just to the left of our booth are a couple of salt-water aquariums featuring exotic marine life.

Here's what they look like from the other side.

It turned out to be a day for cosmic convergence or six degrees of separation or something. Lawrence spotted some seafood in the display case bearing the name of one of our pals from the Tech. Then, on his way home, the KlatschMeister stopped by the Library where he picked up Season One of the television series Pushing Daisies which features (in a supporting role) a pooch named Digby. (One of the episodes from Season One featured the memorable line "Did you shave Digby's bum?")

And here we are, clearing out of the Pelican Pier so the staff can prepare for the suppertime onslaught. That's not a Please Wait to be Seated sign with pink arms, it's Mary bidding a fond farewell to our plucky waitress.
Whew! That's the most writin' the KlatschMeister has done since he last worked on his novel. Call me Ishmael.