Another Sheil's Deals-Klatsch coproduction at the Rembrandt Pub this week. As you can see, a jolly time was had by all.

Gerry is still much enamoured of his iPhone. The ghostly presence on the left is him (and it). A few minutes earlier we egged him on to try one of the apps he has loaded on his iPhone. The app is designed to identify songs just by listening to them. Sounds a bit far-fetched, I know. But here's how it went: The pub was noisy -- there were loud conversations going on all around, there were sports events blaring from the TVs, and there was a song playing on the juke box. Gerry started the song identification app going on the iPhone, held the iPhone up over his head for about five seconds and when he brought it down the name of the artist, George Michael, and the name of the song he was singing were displayed on the iPhone's screen. When Gerry read out the song title someone at the table recognized it and said it was correct. Now that is impressive. Big Walt said his Dad and some of his friends use a similar iPhone app to identify bird songs at their condo. It truly is an amazing age we live in.