A good turnout at Edelweiss Village today. And a couple of first-timers: Kathy and Ron Burton. Welcome to the Klatsch, you two. Hope you'll come back again soon.

The Thornboroughs have been car shopping for a coupla years now and after much deliberation settled on a Lexus hybrid. They had it at the Klatsch today so we went out to have a look.

The car has three video cameras in it. One of them looks out the back and is switched on whenever you put the transmission in reverse. That's George on the screen standing behind the car. As nice as it is, the new car was not exactly what Bob had been expecting. I couldn't possibly do justice to the ins and outs of his complaint. But, lucky for you, he has uploaded a video to YouTube in which he shares his feelings on the car-buying experience. You can watch it here.