Every time we schedule one of these gab fests at the Extreme Bean Cafe the KlatschMeister always makes a mental note to have the Reuben Sandwich. Way back when we first started coming here, Dan, Dan the Macheesmo Man e-mailed the KlatschMeister and said "have the Reuben Sandwich, you won't regret it." Well, today was the day. El Klatscho's brain hung onto the idea long enuff to get the order in at the counter and -- here it is...

After having tucked into this monster I'll say one thing: Dan, Dan knows his sandwiches; it was great!

Trundling back to his car, the KlatschMeister spotted this variation on recycling. Donate a hat to a charity but make it easy for a passer-by to snag said cap and eliminate the middleman.

A little further along, camera still at the ready, El Klatscho passed a house with a tree full of extremely scary witches. He was just glad it was daylight.

This witch must have lost her broomstick in the crash. Either that or she's seizing the moment and practicing her air guitar. Hard to say which.