Everybody was in a good mood at Edworthy Park today and some of 'em brought gifts for the KlatschMeister! On the left is a commemorative toonie from Lorne and on the right is a wife for El Klatscho. Yup. Big D spotted this tiny woman and brought her along to the Klatsch so that...uh...I'm not sure exactly what. Anywaze, she has been dubbed Mrs. Jinkie and, before arriving in Edworthy Park to begin her new life, was already a seasoned traveller.

Here is Mrs. Jinkie's whole story, well, the part which is in the public domain, at least..

Here she is scaling the dangerous peaks in the famous Sweet Potato Forest.

And here she is scaling the dangerous peaks of the famous Taj Mahal.

Here she is getting a giant wedgie, and she's clearly not too pleased about it.