A pretty good turnout at Edworthy Park this week. Here's one enthusiastic attendee: Don MacKenzie with a photo he took of some of the last remaining old-style grain elevators in Alberta. George said these particular ones had been given a paint job cuz they were used in a K.D. Laing (I did that on purpose) music video. Don brought a few pics with him and they were very nice to see.

Here are some other photogs having a butchers at Don's pics.

Sheil and Big W who is, as always, happy to be participating in the photo session.

On the other hand, when the chips are down and the camera is in position Big W is always ready to stick something out to further the cause of good 3D everywhere. Hey, Dub, is that a little product placement?

In a few hours one of these three humans will be suspended over the Pacific Ocean on his way to a former British Colony (or protectorate or territory or something). Can you guess which one?

Sheil and Gerry brought along their friends Sharon and Maurice who are in town visiting from London, Ontario. Maurice obliged the KlatschMeister by doing the 3D thing with his smart phone and it turned out pretty good. Nice to see you folks today!