Who was that masked woman?
A recently escaped inmate from a famous local institution?
All of the above?

O.K. With the 3D X-ray specs I can see that it is, in fact, all of the above. Chee Lau. We thought she'd never retire and then she did. So, congratulations Ms. Lau and welcome to the world of Leisure: freedom from time-consuming duties, responsibilities, or activities. It was great to see you at the Klatsch today and we hope it will be first of many more visits!

All in favour say "Aye!"

Big W had something written on his hand so he wouldn't forget. Can't read it, though. Maybe it said: remember not to write stuff on your hand.

There we go, the famous holding the cup out to the camera thing that has now become such a crashing bore. Why does he continue to make people do that?