Two stories about "flames" emerged from this week's Klatsch at the Kaffa Coffee House and Salsa Bar. The boring one is that the KlatschMeister is once again wearing his Calgary Flames t-shirt that he got from Big Walt a few years ago. The Flames are "in the hunt" (as they say on the sports shows) again this year. The great story involved the Gregorets cooking spare ribs on their barbecue. I guess spare ribs were on sale so they figured what the heck, we'll buy six pounds of 'em. When they got them home, they figured what the heck, let's barbecue the whole kit 'n' kaboodle. So onto the grill went the full six pounds. Lawrence was happily BBQing away when four fire engines pulled up at their door. Some cell phone idiot driving down 19th street had spotted the smoke and reported that there was a house on fire. The firemen said it happens all the time because idiots who talk on cell phones while they drive are idiotic idiots.