Here we are at Weeds on quite a chilly day in late April. Those shades Lawrence is sporting are, in fact, not shades but 3-D glasses the KlatschMeister got at the movie U23D. U23D is a concert film shot using one of the new digital 3D technologies. On the left where there appears to be an old gray-haired geezer snapping his suspenders is, in fact, an old gray-haired geezer snapping his suspenders. The KlatschMeister doesn't like wearing a belt right now cuz it rubs his incision the wrong way so he's tryng out this alternate method of keeping pants from falling down. So far he likes it. Under discussion (apart from 3D and suspenders) was Darwin's theory of evolution and how it could cause a bird's eggs to change color so that they blend in better with the environment. The concensus seems to have been that mutation was at the nub of it.