Spring in Calgary is more or less behaving normally. It was snowing today, May 20th, as the KlatschMeister hiked over to Cafe Le Matin for the weekly caffeine-fuelled gab-fest. Otherwise it was a fine day in the cozy environs of the cafe. Speaking of the KlatschMeister, he's a guy who never seems to learn. Oftentimes at theze thingz there is an item of interest (to revert to police parlance) on the table. It would really make a lot of sense to hold said item up at the moment of the photo so viewers of said photo could get a look at it. Does the KlatschMeister remember to do this? Hardly ever. And today is a good example. Last week one of the weighty topics under discussion was the best way to clean stuff. Mary mentioned a product called Bar Keepers Friend which is quite good. This week she brought a can of Bar Keepers Friend and very kindly presented it to the KlatschMeister. You can see it there on the table beside the middle coffee cup, not being held up. A few minutes earlier Bob did hold the can up in front of his eyeballs and, scrutinizing the label, noted that it declares "Best Since 1882". He also noticed that many of surfaces which Bar Keepers Friend claims to be good at cleaning did not exist in 1882 and wondered aloud about the veracity of the claim. If anyone at the Bar Keepers Friend company would care to respond, you can reach us here: theklatsch@gmail.com.