Here we are at the Heartland Cafe. What? Doesn't look like the Heartland? That's because it's the other Heartland. The main one we always used to go to has shut down. It may re-emerge in Okopore or Midnatokes but it also might not; in any case, that's a bit off the beaten path for us, a bit "out of our orbit" as one might say, so we'll make do with this one. Something the two Heartlands have in common is the presence of old church pews for customer seating. The KlatschMeister was so take with the woodwork on this one that he made a point of including it in the shot. The other thing the KlatschMeister was taken with at this week's fest was Big Walt's seemingly inexhaustible supply of interesting facts which he dispensed with abandon. You can buy horse meat. The Japanese cannot call their scotch whisky scotch whisky cuz the Scots don't like it. Here he is with a pearl of wisdom tripping from his tongue into the (apparently skeptical) ears of Sheil and the Gregorets.

Anywaze it was a nice day for a Klatsch in Bridgeland